The Legend Adivasi Warrior Archer   

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a determination.”

  • Usain Bolt


Sports play an integral role in the development of a well-rounded personality. Respecting one’s opponent, thinking as a team, leadership, learning the spirit of the game are just some of the skills that one learns at the sport ground. Under our Sports for Development program, we focus on children between the ages of 6 to 17. We encourage them to come and play tough sports like basketball and football and leverage this chance to also engage them in activities which would provide mental and emotional stimuli thus resulting in their overall development. through various sports activities, we target general awareness, understanding about nutrition, basic arithmetic, and communication skills.

Mission Ekalavya is an attempt to develop sports  in two steps. Identifying and adopting talented Individuals from different Sports and give them the training and engaging them into Coaching & building programs to develop young boys and girls into young, productive adults. The Programs will be committed to delivering a polished, well-rounded young adult who is prepared to make a transition to the next level. We will provide the tools, services and resources that will enhance child’s athletic ability, allow them to strive for academic excellence, sharpen their life skills, and promote holistic excellence.

Every year we will arrange a sports competition presided over by eminent personalities so that we can provide impetus to those young people who are striving for success. We Collaborate  with great sports personalities and introduce them as motivational speakers focusing on talents from the remote parts of the villages so that they act as inspiration to their village mates.