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NTR’s emotion beyond words, NTR’s spirit of eternal consciousness, NTR

Stop corruption Save self respect Giving property rights to girls Teach people to listen
Athikara Yantra suppresses the ego The cloth of leaders who left the ground and died Many
welfare schemes have been implemented for common people He is the God who is glorified as 
Anna and became the soulmate of all.There are many greats in Telugu drama.. Rani Rudrama's
majesty, the sense of community in Palnati Brahmana, the flame of revolution in Alluri, the
Sangha Seva Sakti in Gurajada, the desire for reform in Kandukuri, the wonderful vocabulary
of Vishwanath, the passion of Sri Sri, the golden doll of Brahma is named NTR. The great
NTR, who has become synonymous with the three letters Telugu