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Let's unite for awarding of the Bharat Ratna for Late Shri N T Rama Rao posthumously

The entire Telugu community has great respect for Late Shri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, who not only was a great actor and politician, but also proved that he had a heart of gold, through all the tangible changes he brought post coming to power.


This petition is a deeply-felt request on behalf of the Telugu clan to posthumously award NTR, as he was fondly called, the country’s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna. 

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao


One Man who founded the TDP and changed the way the world looked at Andhra Pradesh.

One Man who did everything that brought respect, name and fame to the Telugu clan ~ Telugu vari atma gauravam – mana atma gauravam.  

  • 300+ movies as Actor
  • 13+ movies as Director
  • 3 National Film Awards
  • Recipient of Rashtrapati Award
  • Voted “The Greatest Actor of All Times” 2013
  • Recipient of “Padma Shri” 1968
  • Viswa Vikhyatha Nata Sarvabhouma
  • Founder of Telugu Desam Party
  • Protector of rights of the Telugu clan

One of the most unconditional statesmen, NTR was and is the pride of the Telugu clan.


Reasons are many, our request – just one.

We request your support for the appeal of the prestigious Bharat Ratna Award to be conferred upon him.

Do join us in the appeal and sign the petition.

NTR did so much for us – it’s time we join hands together to get him this prestigious Award.


Hailing from Nimmakuru in Krishna District, and born in a poor family to parents whose main occupation was farming, NTR brought in dreams that his parents would have thought impossible.

His achievements are laudable; his efforts, most praise-worthy.

The first one to campaign for the rights of the Telugu people

The first one to use Chaithanya Ratha to reach every Telugu citizen

The first one to end the rule of Congress since the foundation of the Andhra state

The leader of the first ever regional party acting as the main opposition party in Lok Sabha following the assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi

So strong was his following that the Telugu desham citizens did not waver in sympathy when Smt Indira Gandhi was assassinated – they were very clear of who the deserving leader was.

The Man of His Word
One of the very few political leaders who kept most of his promises after winning the elections, NTR was a man of his word.

His integrity remains unchallenged – the UPA Lok Pal Bill is a case in point.

NTR became the real hero by ending naxal and communal rioting menace in many parts of Andhra Pradesh

Strong state makes a stronger center – this was NTR’s proposition of a novel economic model, successfully accepted by the center

He brought Telugu language and culture to the forefront, while protecting the other state languages and cultures.

It was NTR who turned Rayalaseema fertile by initiating the Telugu Ganga project – and not only that, the project provided drinking water to Chennai as well.

He funded the makeover and upgradation of the airports of Tirupathi, Vizag and Vijayawada.

Tirupathi became the country’s center of attraction with better road and flight connectivity – and this paved the way for the construction of a Radar Research Center in the city.

A True Humanitarian, A True Samaritan
The Messiah of the Masses, he introduced rice for the poor at Rs. 2 per kg after coming to power in 1983.

He took care of the girl child – by reforming the Hindu Succession Act to give her equal default property inheritance rights

The Midday Meal program was NTR’s baby, and is providing food to primary school children of families earning less than Rs. 500 a month.

NTR stopped the manufacture of Government made cheap alcohol, protecting the health and lives of the poor.

His low-income housing project lives till today and continues to replace hundreds of thousands of thatched houses with solid homes.

It was during NTR’s rule that every single village got connected via good roads – approximately 36,000 kms of roads were constructed, covering more than half of all the state roads totaled together!! That’s huge!

Subsidized electricity, food, clothing and a whole lot of other benefits for farmers made him truly the ‘giver’ and ‘God’ for farmers.

The use of technology tripled during his tenure in various areas of administration, especially the agriculture sector was greatly benefitted with 30% increase in productivity

Education for True Strength
NTR’s education reforms have produced some of the best professionals recognized everywhere in the world on the Telugu soil.

He ensured education in every household with his One Light bulb a Home scheme

His care for women was evident through his various efforts to expand primary education for women in AP, for example, he founded the Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam

One of the objectives of the Radar Research Center in Tirupathi, was to propel the launch of education satellites, to promote rural education with long distance learning programs using edusat.


Very few and far between, do leaders like NTR come by

Their services must be honored and recognized duly.

So we pray humbly to all the citizens, the telugu biddalu, ammayilu and abbayilu, mahilalu, and all the Telugu janalu to show support by signing this petition and make Late Shri NT Rama Rao, the proud recipient of the Bharat Ratna Award.