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Nandamuri Tharaka Rama Rao ( N.T.R )

Nandamuri Tharaka Rama Rao (May 28, 1923 - January 18, 1996) is a great actor and a public figure. He has also acted in over 400 films, including Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. He made several films and directed many films, not just for his performance. He is a grandson of Vishwakarma, and he has enjoyed many different myths in many mythological, folk and social films and has been a permanent and virtuous god in the hearts of mythological characters like Ramu and Krishna. NTR has 13 historical, 55 folk songs, 186 social and 44 mythological films of his 44-year film career. On March 29, 1982, Rama Rao established a political party named TDP and made a political debut. Within just nine months, he formed the party and secured power at the Congress party in Andhra Pradesh to unite the unitary power. He was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for nearly eight years and became the Chief Minister of the time for a long time.

Childhood, education

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao was born on May 28, 1923, and evening 4: 32 to Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh state of Andhra Pradesh, Laxmya Chaudhary and Venkata Ramamma in Nimmukuru village of Palmerumandal. Although the mother thought to name Krishna first, it was named after the daughter-in-law said that it would be good to come. Later it became a racist ramarao. He was educated at Vijayawada municipality high school. Then Vijayawada SRR. Join College. Vishwanatha Satyanarayana is the head of the Telugu Division. He once played a role in a play. Rama Rao said, 'Sasimira' to pick up his whiskers. He has been named as "Measala Nagamma" because he played with you.

In May 1942, at the age of 20, she married the daughter of the daughter of Basavah Shabana. The marriage has twice been exposed to examinations after marriage as an adult. Guntur later joined Andhra Christian College. He was also active in the activities of dramatic associations. At the same time, he founded the National Art Theater Group (NAT) and played a number of dramas, including Kangra Jaggayya, Muttamala, Nagabhushanam, KVS Sharma and others. Later, the company also produced some pictures.


11 children of Taraka Ramarao and Basavatakam. The eleven were seven sons and four daughters. Jayakrishna, Saikrishna. Harikrishna, Mohan Krishna, Balakrishna, Ramakrishna, Jayashankar are the sons of Krishna; Garapati Lokeshwari, Daggubati Purandhaswari, Nara Bhuvaneshwari, Kanthaneni Umamaheswari daughters.

Film career

When Rama Rao was studying in college, the property was damaged by some of their property. Then there was a lot of work for the life of Ramarao in his early years. Milk business for a few days, then grocery hunt, and then a print run. He is not a debtor despite financial difficulties.

Rama Rao graduated in 1947. Subsequently he wrote the Madras Service Commission. He was one of the seven selected from 1100 written exams. Then he got a sub-registrar job in Mangalgiri. However, he could not be more than three weeks in the job due to the desire to join the movies.

Prominent producer BA Subba Rao saw NTR's photo at the LV Prasad and immediately called him Madras and selected him as the hero of the movie Pullettur Pillai. Rama Rao was awarded with a hundred and ninth paddy hawks. Soon he resigned from his sub-registrar job. But film production did not begin immediately. In the meantime, we have acted in a film called Manandra. That's the first film he had ever played before the camera. He played a police inspector in the film in 1949. The village girl was released in 1950. That same year, the LV Prince was also released. After these two films NTR moved his residence to Madras. He was renting a small room in Thousand Lights area. Along with him was Yoganand (who later became the producer) in that room.

In 1951 KV Reddy Patalabhairavu, followed by BN Reddy Malleshwari in 1952 and married LVV Prasad in 1952. Later Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao Chandra Chakravarthy earned him a reputation as an actor. These films are all winners. Each movie was paid Rs 500 rupees per month and Rs 5000 reward. Pallabhyavira played for 100 days in 34 centers and created sensation. With his wavy hair, majesty, lightening laughing the Andhra people were impressed with their minds.

He is considered the highest in the 1975 release of Maya Bazaar, In 1959, Ramarao was involved in the role of Ravana Brahma in Bhukhilas film produced and released by AVVProductions. Sri Venkateswara Mahatma Gandhi was released in the 1960s with a huge success.

He has played five roles in Srimadvirataparavar. Thus in the 1950s, NTR emerged as an extremely popular actor. He was doing 10 films per year. Lava Kusha's release in 1963 was the biggest hit. In the NTR films he was in the number 4 or 5 digits for 22 years. Since 1972, he has earned a decade of pay.

The first film to be directed by NTR was Seetharama Kalyanam, released in 1961. The film was released under the banner of "National Art Productions" under his brother Trivikramarao. In 1977, she donated herself in three roles in Veera Shura Karna. He also directed the 1978 release of Sri Ram Pattabhishekam. Social films starring NTR, Jagadamudu and Yamagalas are a great box office success. Brahmarshi Vishwamitra, who starred in and directed the 1991 election campaign, was released in 1990.

NTR is very accurate in discipline. Every day Madras Marina practiced in Marina Beach to save his voice. He learned Kuchipudi near the nursery movie. His commitment to the profession is such. Before the camera, NTR is said to have no strokes, because he had to dial the dialogues in advance.

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